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Easy Fried Halloumi Cheese Sticks | Charalambides Christis

February 23, 2022

Are you looking for a new and sophisticated snack for your coffee shop or wine bar, but you want to offer something new and unique?

Do you need a quick and delicious last-minute treat for your friends when they pop over unexpectedly?

Or, maybe, you need a healthier snack for your next movie night?

If you are also a fan of traditional products, with a protected designation of origin, this recipe is a perfect fit for you.

In this recipe, we will use Cypriot halloumi, a cheese with a rich taste and ideal for frying.



500 gr. halloumi (PDO)

100 gr. flour

2 eggs

100 gr. Breadcrumbs or panko

Sunflower oil or other frying oil


1 deep frying pan / fryer

kitchen roll

1 bowl

3 plates

1 egg beater

non-stick paper

1 tray


  • Remove the halloumi from its package and cut into evenly thick sticks and pat them dry them with kitchen paper to remove moisture.
  • In a bowl, beat the eggs with the egg beater.
  • Place the flour, the beaten eggs and the breadcrumbs in three different plates or trays, in a row.
  • Prepare the halloumi sticks as follows: dip them in flour, shake, then in the egg, drain, and finally in the breadcrumbs. Make sure that all sides are breaded nicely and evenly.
  • Place the sticks in a pan, on non-stick paper, and put them in the freezer for about 1 hour, until they are completely frozen. TIP: You can keep the sticks in the freezer, in an airtight bag, and fry them any time you want.
  • Add the oil into to a deep-frying pan or fryer and heat it well. Fry the sticks for 1 minute, over medium to high heat. ATTENTION: Avoid throwing all the sticks together in the pan, as the oil temperature will drop
  • Remove the sticks from the pan and place them on absorbent paper.
  • Once drained, serve hot.

Accompany your delicious crunchy sticks with a cool dip of your choice. You can use yogurt, tomato or a fruit as the basic ingredient. You can add spices (such as salt, pepper, paprika, garlic), herbs (such as dill, mint, celery), and even chili, lemon juice, jams, ketchup, olive paste, figs, sun-dried tomatoes, and whatever else you can imagine.

Bon appétit!

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