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Types of Halloumi

There are two types of Halloumi - Fresh Halloumi and Mature Halloumi.

Fresh Halloumi is the product made from curd that comes from the coagulation of milk with rennet. It is given its characteristic shape due to the heating and boiling process. Fresh Halloumi is white or off-white, without an outer cover. It has an elastic texture and sweet, slightly savoury taste.

Mature Halloumi is also produced in the same manner as Fresh Halloumi but it is left to mature in brine (whey). Mature Halloumi is yellowy, hard and brittle. It has a spicy, acidic and enough salty taste. 

Halloumi is the only semi-hard cheese that does not melt at high temperatures that develop when fried or grilled. Its structure softens, but retains its shape acquiring an appetizing golden brown colour. This makes it ideal for cooking, grilling and frying.

Fresh halloumi can also be eaten raw. The mature one can be grated onto pasta.



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