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Valued Partnerships, Lifelong Relationships

Since the very early days of Charalambides Christis, their unrelenting goal has always been one of advancement, growth, and productivity, but without ever losing its humanitarian side, its most important element.

As markets are now globalised and are often unstable, this particular standpoint that Charalambides Christis advocates can be easily defined as a significant corporate value.

With the aspect of human value being of paramount importance, combined with the company’s professionalism, it was reasonable for Charalambides Christis’ course of development to lead to significant partnerships with major retailers.

Mutual respect and unwavering values ​​and visions have built lifelong relationships and ongoing valued partnerships, leading not only to market expansion, but also to widening horizons for all sides.

From the many examples of this unique path to success and of building trustworthy relationships, we would like to highlight five significant and multi-level partnerships:

Fontana Foods

Fontana Foods is a family-owned business founded in Sweden by the Cypriot Frixos Papadopoulos, who migrated to the northern European country in 1978, and managed to quickly establish his company as a leader in the food trade. Fontana Foods and Charalambides Christis have been working in close cooperation since 2010.

The Charalambides Christis and Fontana Foods partnership began with great momentum, as halloumi exports have quadrupled in just four years.

The successful partnership with Fontana Foods rapidly expanded beyond the Swedish border, to Finland, Denmark and Norway, as these markets were mature for innovative products such as lactose-free anari cheese and halloumi bites.

The Charalambides Christis and Fontana Foods partnership also invested together for the creation of a Model Organic Farm, particularly for Halloumi products, not only to expand consumer options, but also to meet the new and fast-growing market trends for organic dairy products.

Katsouris Brothers (ltd)

A key partner that we began working with in 2008 is Katsouris Brothers Ltd, and who is now the exclusive distributor of our exports to England and distributes 40% of Charalambides Christis’ total exports.

Through Katsouris Brothers Ltd, Charalambides Christis products reach amongst others, Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose and Ocado.

After tripling our exports in just four years, we have now also introduced the first organic halloumi in Britain under the Waitrose Dutchy brand.


The British Morrisons Supermarket Chain is well aware of its market. After all, it has been around since the late 19th century and specifically since 1899.

For some time, Morrisons could see that there was a consistent demand from its consumers for good quality, authentic and tasty halloumi that would combine the guarantee of the Morrisons brand. In 2012, Morrisons decided to fulfil this demand and approached the leading force of the Cyprus Dairy Industry, namely Charalambides Christis.

With more than 450 sale points, Morrisons now delivers the taste of our Cypriot tradition to millions of Britons, making Charalambides Christis an ambassador once again.


Tesco, as we all know, is a very well-established brand and is one of the largest and leading market retailers of groceries and general merchandise in the UK. Launched back in 1924, it boasts a century of history and tradition, and literally dominates the world as a retail colossus.

Quality has always been of paramount importance to the company, and one of the key reasons for Tesco’s success and for gaining the trust of consumers can be attributed to the high-quality of its own-branded products.

When Tesco subsequently decided to create a Tesco branded Halloumi that would epitomize the famous authentic Cypriot taste and quality, they sought for the ideal partner who would provide their consumers with high-quality halloumi cheese made with sheep and goat’s milk from Cyprus. Their search led them to the leading force of the Cypriot Dairy Industry, Charalambides Christis.

The partnership between Charalambides Christis and Tesco, launched in 2012, is constantly growing, building on solid foundations, and seamlessly covering Tesco's 2,500 sale points in the UK.


Beitwei was established in Kuwait in 1951, and our co-operation with them began with the export of a single container of halloumi in 1971, opening the gateway for cooperation. Other taste tests followed, which succeeded in winning over the Kuwaiti market.

The success of Charalambides Christis’ halloumi in Kuwait encouraged Beitwei to promote its exports to Jordan.

Nowadays, Charalambides Christis’ partnership with Beitwei continues to blossom, since the range of products exported other than halloumi, includes long-life UHT milk and cream, yoghurt and sour cream, for both the Kuwait and Jordan market needs.

Along with Fontana Foods in Sweden, Katsouris Brothers Ltd, Morrisons and Tesco in the UK, and Beitwei in Kuwait, Charalambides Christis continues to build relationships with all its business partners both in Cyprus and abroad.

The inextricable links that are based on trust, mutual respect and the will for growth, are more than just a "standpoint". They are a consistent Corporate Philosophy that leads to success and an upward path – and to real life relationships.

Charalambides Christis is the largest and longest-running dairy industry in Cyprus. It remains a leader in the food production and distribution sector, relentlessly offering, and always in accordance with international standards of quality and know-how, products of high nutritional value and quality, preserving the authenticity of flavours. It is one of the most powerful industries in the country, and is also distinguished for its Corporate Social Responsibility, with the active giving and social solidarity programme “PARTICIPATION”, which embraces the whole of Cyprus and provides thousands of smiles to children’s faces.

The quality of Charalambides Christis is internationally recognised with the company being active in over 32 countries, making it the largest export company in Cyprus.

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