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There are many ways you can enjoy Halloumi.

  • Halloumi can be heated in the toaster, in the pan, and even consumed cold on a toast. It is usually accompanied by other cold cuts and vegetables.

  • The traditional "halloumi in the pitta". Halloumi is also grilled and from a traditional Cypriot tavern you never miss the delicacies!! Accompanied by Cypriot pitta bread.

  • As a savoury pie or cake is known as halloumoti (a type of kaseropita-cheese pie).

  • Watermelon with halloumi. With the beginning of summer, most Cypriots associate watermelon with halloumi. This combination of savoury and sweet taste has no time frame as it can be consumed from breakfast to dinner.

  • As grated cheese in spaghetti or barley. After the specific foods are cooked, halloumi is grated onto these types of food before being served.

  • During the preparation of the Cypriot pastitsio, traditional halloumi is added.

  • As a filling in ravioli. Ravioli are traditional Cypriot pasta stuffed with halloumi and cooked in a pot. They can also be served with additional grated halloumi.

  • Pancakes with halloumi. Dough that is filled with halloumi and mint and has a small round shape. Frying is the method of cooking this dish. Serve cold or hot.

  • In a salad. Halloumi can be chopped and added in a salad as an appetizer or as a main meal.

  • In the soup called "trachana". Halloumi can be chopped in cubes and added in the soup.

Feel fee to browse our Halloumi recipes and explore the many ways you can enjoy Halloumi.


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