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The implementation of the decision for Halloumi is postponed due to legal arrangements

May 28, 2021

Despite the 7-year long wait regarding Halloumi’s special protection trademark, the greatly desired status ensuring the country’s product origin and uniqueness, is postponed due to legal arrangements.

The reasons for this postponement were clarified by spokesperson Miriam Garcia Ferrer during the Commission's regular midday briefing in Brussels that took place at the beginning of April 2021.

More specifically, when asked about the PDO decision's, she responded "In fact, the regulation was adopted yesterday and will enter into force 20 days after its release, but its actual implementation is postponed to October 1." (Μίριαμ Γκαρσία Φερρέ – 13/04/2021). The key reason for this is to allow the appointed body Bureau Veritas enough time to finalize any legal agreements with the Cypriot government and then submit the audit plan.

In addition, she clarified that “this will ensure that producers on both sides of the green line can be certified that they comply with the PDO conditions on the day of implementation and avoid availability gaps of Halloumi /Helim in the market”. (Μίριαμ Γκαρσία Φερρέ – 13/04/2021).

She also supported that this delay will enable non-Cypriot producers to sell the Halloumi that is currently in stock and does not comply with the product's regulations (i.e: PDO regulation), thus giving time for the correct application to be prepared.

Nonetheless, Peter Stano, spokesman for the European Commission and the European External Action Service, said that the High Representative declared the decision as “important” for the adjustment of the related issues concerning Cyprus.

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