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Cyprus’ Minister of Agriculture is optimistic about the concerns regarding the halloumi PDO process

June 10, 2021

The Minister of Agriculture, Mr Costas Kadis appeared particularly optimistic and reassuring during his statements to the CNA (Cyprus News Agency), in Limassol, regarding the discussions and apprehensions that followed the announcement of the implementation date on the decision for the halloumi registration as a Protected Destination of Origin (PDO) product. We remind you that most recently the European Commission has postponed the final implementation of the decision to October 1, 2021, for the purpose of giving the necessary time to settle all the necessary legal actions and to ensure that the implementation will take place in the best possible way for all parties involved.

The Minister made statements to the press after his meeting with the administration of a cheese facility, in the context of the second part of his tour in the town of Limassol, the aim of which is to address various issues related to the agri-food industry. Mr Kadis said that he is very pleased with the overwhelming positive reaction of the industry to this open dialogue with the government. The Minister remarked that, discussions with entrepreneurs of the agri-food sector are very constructive and will contribute greatly, so that the decision to register halloumi as a PDO product in the fall will be implemented under the most advantageous circumstances for all parties.

Specifically, the discussions that are currently taking place concern proposed improvements in the halloumi dossier by producers and entrepreneurs, but also procedural issues that must be addressed in a timely manner, so that all the necessary conditions are met before the final implementation of the halloumi PDO registration and that it will take place smoothly, without legal or marketing issues.

In the matter of the concerns raised by some producers, related to specific features of the halloumi dossier, Mr Kadis stated that these concerns are exactly what he seeks to discuss during his tour, i.e. proposals that will improve the implementation of the patent decision, so that the production of halloumi stays flexible, without changes in the physiognomy and philosophy of this traditional product.

However, the Minister did not fail to note that any proposed change should fully abide by the European legislation, and therefore it will be approved in consultation with the European Commission.

"I believe that, if cooperation and understanding prevails, together we can achieve our goals," said the Minister of Agriculture, concluding his statements, thus sending an optimistic message of constructive consultation and mutual coordination.

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