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Halloumi for your Festive Table: 3 Delicioius Recipes by Halloumi Cheese

December 28, 2022

Are you a fan of halloumi and looking for an imaginative way to incorporate it into your festive table? No one can resist a golden crispy piece of fried halloumi, as well as the intense, spicy flavour it adds to any dish. However, for your festive table if you are looking for something more impressive and outside the box just check below to find three festive halloumi recipe ideas that will satisfy even your most demanding guests.

1. Turkey with halloumi stuffing

It’s time to leave behind the classic turkey stuffing and try something new, which combines a worldwide traditional recipe with a traditional product from Cyprus. For this stuffing, you can use grated halloumi, sausage, nuts of your choice and dried fruits, such as prunes, and of course chestnuts. This way you will achieve balanced spicy and sweet combination.

2. Salad with halloumi, pear and hazelnut

If you think that halloumi has a very strong taste for you to include it in the main course of your holiday table, you can alternatively add it to a rich salad, which combines sweet, refreshing and spicy flavours, as well as crunchy and creamy textures. You can use green salad, arugula, halloumi, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pears or apples, and bring it all together with a nice sweet and spicy dressing.

3. Potato salad with halloumi, lentils and quinoa

Another option is to add the halloumi to a hearty sweet potato salad, an appetizer that can perfectly accompany a meat or fish of the day and is a perfect match for a cool salad. If you want to stay out of the classics, you can use sweet potatoes, quinoa or buckwheat and lentils, which will balance the salty, spicy taste of halloumi. Ideally, prepare the salad ahead of time so that it is cool, and prepare the halloumi just before serving. You can grill or pan-fry it to make it delicious and crispy. You can also add raisins or walnuts to your potato salad.

Whichever recipe you choose for your festive table, we hope you enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones.

Happy new year!

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