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Changes to the PDO agreement | Halloumi Cheese

March 20, 2023

According to a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Cyprus Cheesemakers Association requested changes to the existing PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) agreement for halloumi, mainly on the production process of the cheese.

We should note that this kind of requests are considered to be a legal and legitimate procedure for PDO products, in order for each Member State to be able to formulate the best framework for the product, which will satisfy modern consumer needs.

In particular, the cheesemakers are asking for the addition of uncoated halloumi, sliced halloumi and sliced halloumi for burgers to the list of PDO products, a change that seems to be implemented immediately, according to the Official Gazette of the Republic.

In addition, the Ministry is going to apply the following further changes:

• The cheesemakers are allowed to use fresh unpasteurised milk for the production of halloumi.

• Optionally, they are allowed to reheat the curd to 40 degrees Celsius immediately after the milk curdles.

• They are allowed to add mint at the stage of halloumi folding or packaging.

• Adding salt is optional, as well as using sea salt.

• They are allowed to leave the cheese in the brine from 8 hours, at least, up to 3 days at the most.

However, the request to make lactose-free halloumi was not approved, as the cheese must be made from milk, pasteurised or not, in order to be considered as a PDO halloumi.

The changes in the existing framework of the PDO label are considered particularly important to ensure the sales of halloumi, as they are made with the aim of covering the taste of a wider consumer group.

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